At90usb162 16mu datasheet

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AT90USB64-16MU, AT90USB162-16AU, AT90USB646-MU mula sa IC Components Distributor. Bagong Orihinal. Tinanggap ng PayPal. RFQ AT90USB64-16MU sa IC Components Ltd. AT90USB162-16AU Summary of contents Page 1 On Chip Debug Interface (debugWIRE) • Special Microcontroller Features – Power-On Reset and Programmable Brown-out Detection – Internal Calibrated Oscillator – External and Internal Interrupt Sources ® 8-Bit Microcontroller 8-bit Microcontroller with 8/16K Bytes of ISP Flash and USB Controller AT90USB82 AT90USB162 7707F–AVR–11/10 ... Proposed First Ship Date*: May 26, 2014 *The Proposed First Ship Date is the forecasted date that a customer may expect to receive changed product. This is determined by the estimated date of inventory depletion on the PCN issue date. This may be affected by fluctuations in supply and demand.