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I noticed that with iMessage, animated gifs can now be sent and displayed. Does this mean that Apple is now supporting the display of animated GIFs in an application, or is the easiest method still to split the image in frames and then sequentially show them? What is the easiest way to display an animated GIF as of iOS 5.1? Thanks!

Get IrfanView (version 4.54)The program is available in 32 and 64 bit. Which version should I download? See 64-bit info. can someone list all the racing and driving related DONGs? I have been looking for one game where you can interact with everything in the car with your mouse and you are also the driver. It is hard to describe but please list all car, driving, and racing DONGs. Reply Delete

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I figured out how to draw a graphics object which is abstract for an application rather than an applet. Now, my question is, how do I save these simple graphics (lines, rectangles, circles,etc) drawn on canvas as gifs, bitmaps, etc. so that they may later be opened using other graphical viewers. Animated gif in Image view. ... I'm working with FFImageLoading v2.2.11 in a Xamarin.Forms solution and I cannot get the gifs to load at all on Android or iOS. If I ...