Believe it or not, there are many dos and don’ts when it comes to throwing and attending an engagement partyWhile it’s not compulsory to carry a gift, you won’t lookCongrats! You’re engaged! And what better way to celebrate those upcoming nuptials than with an engagement party? It’s your first opportunity to make a splash as a newlyI received an invitation for an engagement party recently

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Only guests who will be invited to the wedding should be invited to theGifts are not required or expected for engagements

Part of the joy of celebrating a forthcoming marriage is the pre-wedding partiesRead along so you too can become a giftingIndian Wedding Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts at an Indian Wedding If you are attending a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh traditional ceremony for the first time, it’s likely that

In the past, engagement ceremony wasWhen To Throw an Engagement Party? This should be done when the news about the engagement are

engagement party (followed by bridal shower) etiquetteWhether or not you follow it is up to you, but our

Wedding favors, and party favors in general, are

Etiquette Advice for the Holiday Guest

It the good old days, you would give a gift to the couple on their wedding dayAnswer: The best gift card to buy for a wedding, bridal shower or engagement party is a gift card on the couple’s wedding registry

For example you can give 20% of your budget money in engagementTraditionally gifts are not given at an engagement party for several reasons

You DO NOT register for gifts nor expect gifts at an engagement party

The planning of engagement parties requires that you practice

If you’ve got more questions than answers about an engagement party, like what to do, what to wear, what to eat, who to invite and whether or not you should bring (or

I think we received 1 card when we got engaged! I would think it would be a massive faux pas to put a gift list or even mentionGift Registries – Engagement party gifts are not required for engagement parties, and registry locations should never be listed on invitations, per etiquetteWhen a wedding is on the horizon, there can often be confusion about gifts for the bride and groom

A simple photo frame is a great gift for any engagement party

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Once upon a time, guests did not bring presents to an engagement partyAre Gifts Expected at an Engagement Party? Though gifts at an engagement party aren’t to be expected, you may find that a few of your guests will bring along an item orMy advice? Instead of inviting them to your engagement party, have an informal get-together at your house BEFORE the wedding, and make dinner for your closest friends who