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The M982 Excalibur is one of the most heavily-used projectiles for the M777. This is a GPS-guided HE round, which boasts fin stabilization and near pinpoint accuracy (the CEP is claimed to be only 5 m), giving it a range of up to 40 km when fired from a 155 mm/L39 weapon, and the ability to be safely delivered in much closer proximity to ... Please complete this Data Sheet and attach a copy with each Excalibur® Belt Cleaner System order. The information The information provided will be used by ASGCO ® to determine the proper torsion spring and ensure the proper blade holder length.

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View and Download OPTI-UPS Excalibur 5000AL specification sheet online. OPTI-UPS Power Supply Specification Sheet. Excalibur 5000AL UPS pdf manual download. Also for: Excalibur el3000, Excalibur el3000al, Excalibur el5000al. The M777 is an ultra light howitzer designed and manufactured by BAE Systems. M777 is a 155mm 39 calibre towed gun which, through proven technology and the innovative use of titanium and aluminium alloys, meets the requirement for rapidly deployable and accurate artillery fire support. 1. ASTM A123/A123M-13 Standard Specification for Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings on Iron and Steel Products. 2. ASTM A 307-14 - Standard Specification for Carbon Steel Bolts, Studs, and Threaded Rods 60,000 psi Tensile Strength. 3. ASTM A500/A500m-13 - Standard Specification for Cold-Formed Welded and Seamless Carbon E80100 / Proj 155mm Extended Range M982 Item Number / Title [DODIC]: E80103 / PROJ, ARTY, 155MM EXTENDED RANGE M982-U EXCALIBUR [DA58] Cost Elements O C O FY Contractor and Location Method/Type or Funding Vehicle Location of PCO Award Date Date of First Delivery Qty (Each) Unit Cost ($) Specs Avail Now? Date Revision Available RFP Issue Date Excalibur uses a jam-resistant internal GPS receiver to update the inertial navigation system, providing precision in-flight guidance and dramatically improving accuracy regardless of range. Excalibur has three fuze options (height-of-burst, point-detonating, and delay/penetration) and is employable in all weather conditions and terrain.

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-S guided fuze w/ PD & Prox fuze modes accuracy <50M CEP-makes dumb rounds near precision-only used on M795 & M549A1 HE projectiles-long intrusion fuze-supp charge must be removed from round

These stick resistant, BPA-free polypropylene mesh sheets are very strong, long-lasting, and easy to clean. They're sized for the Excalibur dehydrator, but will also work in other dehydrators, and are easy to trim with a scissors. This item is a single sheet, which fits one Excalibur tray. Excalibur household slicers are both powerful and elegant, combining performance with visual appeal. For slicing a variety of meats, cheeses, and breads, these units are perfect for intermittent use in light to medium duty environments. Quick release food Carriages are standard on all models to make cleaning as easy as possible. 180 watt motor. -S guided fuze w/ PD & Prox fuze modes accuracy <50M CEP-makes dumb rounds near precision-only used on M795 & M549A1 HE projectiles-long intrusion fuze-supp charge must be removed from round Private Collection Only people explictly granted permission can access. Sign-in required.

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Excalibur's accuracy was set to 4.5 meters after 12 successful guided flights. In 2011, the program's scope was scaled down from 30,000+ to only 7,474 units to be procured. The Excalibur Block Ia-1 is a production variant qualified for ranges of 15 miles or 24 kilometers. The Excalibur Block Ia-2 is qualified for ranges of 26 miles or 40 ...