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2sk303 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. The Datasheet Archive. Search. Recent Listings Manufacturer Directory Get instant ... SPP20N65C3, SPA20N65C3 SPI20N65C3 Cool MOS™ Power Transistor V DS 650 V RDS(on) 0.19 Ω ID 20.7 A Feature • New revolutionary high voltage technology • Worldwide best RDS(on) in TO 220 • Ultra low gate charge • Periodic avalanche rated • Extreme dv/dt rated • High peak current capability • Improved transconductance PG-TO262 PG ... TME has over 800 employees, who provide expert support at each stage of the ordering process.. Our offer includes 300,000 electronic components from 950 producers.. Since 1990, we have been expanding our operations dynamically and increasing our global potential. DATA SHEET MOS FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR 2SK3299 SWITCHING N-CHANNEL POWER MOS FET INDUSTRIAL USE ORDERING INFORMATION DESCRIPTION The 2SK3299 is N-Channel MOS FET device that features PART NUMBER PACKAGE a low gate charge and excellent switching characteristics, 2SK3299 TO-220AB designed for high voltage applications such as switching power 2SK3299-S TO-262 supply, AC adapter

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Not all products and/or types are available in every country. Please check with an NEC Electronics sales representative for availability and additional information. MOS FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR 2SK3919 SWITCHING N-CHANNEL POWER MOS FET DATA SHEET Document No. D17078EJ4V0DS00 (4th edition) Date Published January 2005 NS CP(K) Printed in Japan 2004 NPN 100mA 50V Digital Transistors (Bias Resistor Built-in Transistors) Datasheet lOutline Parameter Value VMT3 EMT3F VCEO 50V IC 100mA R1 4.7kΩ DTC143TM DTC143TEB (SC-105AA) (SC-89) EMT3 UMT3F lFeatures 1) Built-In Biasing Resistor 2) Built-in bias resistors enable the configuration of an inverter circuit without connecting external Same catergory: 1N822-1: 6.2 & 6.55 Volt Temperature Compensated Zener Reference Diodes.. 613GD061-3DU: .SKiiP 613GD061-3DUL I. Power section Absolute maximum ratings Symbol Conditions IGBT VCES VCC 1) Operating DC link voltage VGES (70) °C Inverse diode IF = -IC (70) °C IFSM = 150 °C, = 10ms; sin I2t (Diode) Diode, = 150 °C, Tj , (Tstg) Visol rms, AC, 1min per AC terminal, rms, Ts = IAC ... DTC143ZUB HZG Datasheet lAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25°C) Parameter Symbol Values Unit Supply voltage VCC 50 V Input voltage VIN-5 to 30 V Output current IO 100 mA Collector current IC(MAX)*1 100 mA Power dissipation PD*2 200 mW Junction temperature Tj 150 ℃ Range of storage temperature Tstg-55 to +150 ℃ 2N MOSFET Transistors, N-Channel and P-Channel Types of MOSFET Transistors, JFET, FET, N-Channel MOSFET Rev. A/AH MMBT4403 SMD General Purpose Transistor (PNP) Page 6 of 9 h PARAMETERS VCE=±10 Vdc, f=1kHz, T A=25 ° C This group of graphs illustrates the relationship betwe en hfe and other h parameters for this series of

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k3296 at89c5112 at85c51snd3 at89c5212jc at89c5224jc mrf559 at90s8535 l9822epd at91eb63 ba6688l saz-4201bc ate2dgra1 atf10135 4376371 ati264vt2 ati264vt3 vtu5192a7a ats08asm ats257 lm391n-80 awm3300v ak5390vp ay385001 stm901-30 max038c b1545 b1645 b2060 xc2c32a b289x b376623a b522fs2 2n3866 b84110aa5 ba10st ba12t ba15532 ba4560 ba479g an5270 ... C143 NTE Equvilent Transistor NPN Silicon 75v Ic=0.6a To-92 Audio To Vhf Frequency Driver Switch Comp To NTE159 . Data Sheet : NTE 2N3906 datasheet, 2N3906 pdf, datasheet, datas sheet, fiche technique, datasheets, fiches techniques, pdf, Continental Device India Limited, 0.625W usage général ... KST-9011-000 2 2N3906 Absolute maximum ratings Ta=25 °C Characteristic Symbol Ratings Unit Collector-Base voltage VCBO-40 V Collector-Emitter voltage VCEO-40 V

Индекс первых букв маркировки SMD-элементов: (Index marking SMD components by first letter:)-# % +. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9:?A B C D E ... 2sk303 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. The Datasheet Archive. Search. Recent Listings Manufacturer Directory Get instant ...

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BC327-25, BC327-40 Amplifier Transistors PNP Silicon Features • These are Pb−Free Devices* MAXIMUM RATINGS Rating Symbol Value Unit Collector−Emitter Voltage VCEO −45 Vdc Collector−Emitter Voltage VCES −50 Vdc Emitter−Base Voltage VEBO −5.0 Vdc Collector Current − Continuous IC −800 mAdc Total Power Dissipation @ TA = 25°C ... SMD Databook, Cross references and types . * Top View for Fig. and Pinout. We make every effort to ensure that the material on this site is accurate, however we do not warrant or represent that the Information is free from errors or omission. Sep 18, 2019 · C3150 designed for use in high-voltage, high-speed, power switching applications such as switching regulator’s, inverters, and converter. Switchmode Series NPN Power Transistors.