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Ltd., datasheet). The phosphor was used in the form of thin layers to simulate the intensifying screens employed in X-ray radiography. Five screens from 14.7 to 121.1 mg/cm2 thick were prepared by sedimentation of GdAlO3:Ce powder on fused silica substrates (spectrosil B). Sodium orthosilicate Knight Optical's stock range of UV fused silica windows are made from Corning 7980 grade 2G, which is the equivalent of Spectrosil 2000 also referred to as Spectrosil B. Available for fast global delivery

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Heraeus manufactures quartz glass grades, which are controlled and specified in all 3 direc- tions regarding striae, homogeneity and stress induced birefringence, for the most demanding applications. These materials are identified by the 3D symbol. Spectrosil® 2000 deep UV, fluorescence free grade. Spectrosil® 2100 with improved refractive index homogeneity. Spectrosil® 2200 Excimer laser grade specially developed for maximum transmission and prolonged life in microlithography and other critical deep UV applications using KrF (248 nm) and ArF (193 nm) excimer lasers.

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Read Online fluidized bed boiler specification sheet fb2 Ultraviolet Grade Fused Silica: JGS1 (China), equivalent to Suprasil 1 and 2 (Heraeus), Spectrosil A and B (Saint-Gobain) and Corning 7940 (Corning), Dynasil 1100 and 4100 (Dynasil). UV grade Fused Silica (JGS1) is synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide of extremely high purity. This non-crystalline,...

UV Fused Silica Plates. UQG optics supply UV Fused Silica plates and substrates. The material has excellent purity, no fluorescence and high transmission in the DUV, UV and IR region from 180nm to 2000nm. ZCQ is China quartz glass manufacturer, specially prepared fused silica is used in making optical fiber for telecommunication. Here are physical, optical, thermal, mechanical, chemistry and electrical properties for SiO2 target, optical glass, quartz apparatus and wares and optical prism. Light emission efficiency and imaging properties of YAP:Ce granular phosphor screens ... (spectrosil B), w ith various coating w eights rang- ... datasheet). Na. 2. SiO. 3.

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DATA SHEET UV FUSED SILICA - uqgoptics.com. DATA SHEET UV FUSED SILICA – SPECTROSIL Spectrosil® is a synthetic fused silica manufactured using a patented environmentally friendly process that results in a virtually Chlorine-free material of exceptional purity which is bubble-free ... depending on thermal history of the glass