Structural formula of aspirin functional groups

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The structure of aspirin along with the functional groups it contains is to be drawn. Concept Introduction: Aspirin is a drug which is used as a medicine. Aspirin is generally consumed to get relief from pain, fever, and swelling. The active ingredient of Aspirin was first discovered from the bark of the willow tree in 1763 by Edward Stone of Wadham College, Oxford University. Salicylic acid, the main metabolite of aspirin, is an integral part of human and animal metabolism.

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A carboxylic acid is a functional group whose molecular formula is defined as RCOOH. Can you spot the carboxylic acid in the structure of ethanoic acid? Can you spot the carboxylic acid in the ... Aspirin Formula Aspirin, which the chemical name acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), is medication extensively used around the world as an anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic. Formula and structure: The acetylsalicylic acid chemical formula is C 9 H 8 O4 and the extended formula is CH 3 COOC 6 H 4 COOH.

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Aspirin is a medicine that is used worldwide as an anti-inflammatory or antipyretic agent. The chemical formula for the compound is C9H8O4 and its molecular weight is 180.159 g mol-1. It is formed by an aromatic ring having two functional groups where the first group is carboxyl group and the second group is ester group. Structures of aspirin and salicylic acid. Chemists sought to modify the salicylic acid molecule, reasoning that modification of one of the functional groups could lower the acidity of the compound without affecting the medical benefits. This was achieved by taking advantage of some fundamental organic chemistry. The functional groups that are different between salicylic acid and aspirin: Salicylic acid has an OH group, and aspirin has an ester. Two students synthesized aspirin using the same amount of salicylic acid starting material. Student #1 obtains 1.2g of aspirin and student #2 obtains 1.4g.

o Convert the Lewis structure of an organic molecule to its condensed structural formula (form), and vice versa o Given the condensed form of the structure of an organic molecule, determine its molecular formula, determine the hybridization of each atom in the molecule, and identify the functional groups present in it o Recognize the functional ... 1.61 Functional groups containing only C atoms: 1.62 Functional groups containing one (or more) single bonded O atoms a) Alcohol: R-O-H We can write a more generalized formula for a molecule with an alcohol functional group as R-O-H where R is the symbol organic chemists commonly use to indicate a C chain without specifying the exact length. Overall, the purpose of this lab, to synthesis aspirin and prove its purity using organic functional groups, was accomplished successfully. The final product of synthesized aspirin contained no starting materials and its molecular weight was relatively close to that of pure aspirin, thus it was almost entirely pure.

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Nov 18, 2013 ยท This time the hydroxyl group of the salicylic acid acts as the nucleophile to attack the carbonyl group of the acetic anhydride and replace one of the acetyl groups. Figure 2: Synthesis of Aspirin After the synthesis of aspirin, the product was recrystallized for purification to rid the product of impurities.