Best slip fielders in cricket

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May 21, 2017 · These qualities all add up to make him one of the best Test fielders ever. Born and raised in Delhi, Kohli played for the city through all the age levels before making his First-Class debut in 2006. It’s reported that his interest in cricket started from as young as 3 when he would pick up a bat to swing around! Perhaps there will be an occasion to write about the world’s best fielders in Test history – about Simpson, Cowdrey, Sobers, Mark Waugh, Jonty Rhodes, Colin Bland and others - but even in such ...

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Joe Root and Ajinkya Rahane are slowly but steadily catching up in the race to be the best slip fielders in men’s cricket currently. Michael Clarke was a fairly good slip fielder as well, as is evident from the 75% catching rate. Nov 12, 2015 · This was happened very few match in world cricket. 8 fielders in slip and gully. Watch the memorable moments in cricket. For view more video please visit - h... Another great slip fielder in my time watching cricket was Clive Lloyd. Supercat was a supreme slipper with bucket-like hands that swallowed cricket balls. Supercat was a supreme slipper with bucket-like hands that swallowed cricket balls. Apr 16, 2018 · In domestic cricket, he became one of the best slip fielders of the land. And from time to time played incredible innings of quality. But the genius of his fielding was not seen again. But without any doubt he is the number 1 fielder in the history of Indian cricket. He was saving at least 20-30 runs in every match for India. His diving catches & superb run outs are unforgetable. He is really the best fielder in Indian cricket history. If there are no slip fielders in place, you’ll see this position used a lot. That makes it more suitable for limited overs matches where the slip fielders aren’t used as much! In test matches and longer formats of cricket, slip fielders are used more often, which often removes the popularity of the third man position. Jan 08, 2016 · Best fielder play a vital role in cricket. Every fielder has a responsibility to stop the ball from reaching the boundaries or racing too far and giving a chance to the batsman to make more runs. Fielders are the ones who defend it for a bowler and make it possible to stop the ball as soon as possible.

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Andrew Strauss was one of England’s most successful captains and one of the best opening batsmen. But his slip fielding was up to the mark as well. Jun 17, 2018 · In cricket analyzing the field, positions is very much important for every player. This is the first teaching which is given to a beginner while starting the journey of cricket. A piece of perfect knowledge about the field positions helps the batsman as well as the bowler to give their best.

In cricket, a good captain is one who can set the fielders in the perfect positions according to the situation of the game. Here are the different fielding positions in cricket and when they are used by a fielding captain in general. Slip position: Slip is the position next to that of wicket-keeper. A slip position is used in cricket if the ... Aug 14, 2015 · VVS Laxman’s tips for budding slip fielders VVS Laxman’s tips for budding slip fielders Slip catching is a specialised job because such long periods can go by without a slip being required ...

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Oct 13, 2017 · Mark Taylor was looked upon as an allrounder – a masterful opening batsman, a sharp slip fielder and a very good captain. He was one of the best slip fielders of his era. Standing in the slips to Shane Warne is not an easy job.