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Comprehensive Category Guide to Satellite Phones. If you want to be able to make calls from anywhere in the world without having to be near a cell tower, one of the satellite phones in this collection might be the perfect solution for you. eBay offers several various models of satellite phones, and you'll want to be familiar with the following information before you make a decision on which ... Browse the calendar to view Investor related events and announcements. Webcasts and presentations that have been archived are available by viewing historical event details. Iridium GO satellite wifi hotspot turns smartphones & tablets into a satellite phone or data device for sending email, pics, social media & more where cellular coverage is not available. The Iridium GO & your smartphone can also perform SMS, email, SOS & tracking services used with the application through your smartphone/tablet. All Road Sat’s exclusive Iridium Satellite Phone Plans and Iridium Prepaid Plans offer an option that is taylormade for any satellite communications need. Available Iridium Satellite Phones Iridium GO!

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The Iridium Go is the newest offering the one of the global leaders in satellite equipment and hardware. This brand new service from Iridium will enable your smart phone being Apple, Android and most tablet devices to work seamlessly, anywhere in the world, completely independantly of the standard mobile or fixed land based telephone networks . Monthly Iridium GO! Plans Global Coverage for Satellite Voice and Data Connectivity. These monthly Iridium GO plans are compatible with the Iridium GO! satellite hotspot only, offering discounted per-minute rates for data usage. You can also use our standard Iridium satellite phone monthly plans if you’re not planning to use a lot of data. Compare Phones. Iridium 9555 vs Iridium 9575; Iridium 9555 vs Iridium GO! Iridium 9555 vs Isatphone 2; Iridium 9575 vs Isatphone 2; Iridium 9575 vs Iridium 9555; Iridium 9575 vs Iridium GO! Reviews; Video Library. Iridium; Inmarsat; Downloads; Rental FAQs; Limitations. India; Satellite Internet. iSavi Support. Video Library; Satellite TV. Bell ... The Iridium GO! is a portable global Wi-Fi hotspot that provides Internet access and phone service to in-range smartphones and tablets. With speed of 2.4Kbps to 20Kbps speeds, this portable device can be used at any location on the globe including the North Pole.

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Simply flip up the integrated antenna and the Iridium GO! connects quickly and automatically to the Iridium satellite network. It is truly that easy to create a voice and text connection that you can use anywhere in the world, within a 30.5 meter (100′) radius of the Iridium GO! device.

Satellite Phone Providers Iridium, Inmarsat, and Thuraya are the key players in the satellite communications industry and their satellites all work differently.. When using an Iridium sat phone, the satellites will move towards you (overhead) and with an Inmarsat or Thuraya phone, you will need to move towards the satellites. BlueCosmo Iridium GO! Satellite Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot for Voice, Messaging & Data with Monthly Postpaid Service SIM Card: BlueCosmo Satellite Comm ‎Iridium Mail & Web enables you to tun your smart device into a satellite phone enabling you to wirelessly send/receive email, weather updates, and web content while connected to Iridium Wi-Fi Solutions. The app uses compression and network-based filters to deliver global capabilities otherwise not…

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Sep 07, 2018 · The Iridium GO is ruggedly engineered with an IP65 waterproof and dust rating. This is the same rating as the Iridium 9575 Extreme phone. By using your mobile phone to make the call, SMS or email the Iridium Go can remain in a fixed location on your boat, to be secure and safe. 4) Emergency Situation.