47 16l datasheet

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BTA16−600CW3G, BTA16−800CW3G http://onsemi.com 2 THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS Characteristic Symbol Value Unit Thermal Resistance, Junction−to−Case (AC) Junction ...

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The MPLAB PM3 Universal Device Programmer is easy to use and operates with a PC or as a stand-alone unit, and programs Microchip's entire line of PICmicro®devices as well as the latest dsPIC30F DSC devices. The MPLAB PM3 features a large and bright LCD unit (128x64 pixels) to display easy menus, programming statistics and status information. This is information on a product in full production. November 2013 DocID023312 Rev 2 1/52 LSM303D Ultra-compact high-performance eCompass module:

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DIODE 47-16L Datasheet(PDF) - Littelfuse - DK208D Datasheet, This DK208D 8A, 1200V rated standard recovery rectifier diode in a compact TO-252 surface mount package is ideal as a bypass diode or anti-parallel diode for active switching component, Renesas Technology Corp - NX8369TS_15 Datasheet, Renesas Technology Corp - RJU6054TDPP-EJ_15 Datasheet SO–16L Plastic DIP TA = –40° to +105°C MC33025P Plastic DIP MC34025DW SO–16L Order this document by MC34025/D MOTOROLA ANALOG IC DEVICE DATA 1 The MC34025 series are high speed, fixed frequency, double–ended pulse width modulator controllers optimized for high frequency operation. 244 ALUMINUM ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS CAT.8100E UCS Miniature Sized, High Ripple Current, High Reliability High ripple current and Long Life product withstanding load life of 8000 to 10000 hours at +105°C. Data sheet erratum PCN 2009-134-A New package outlines TO-247 Final Data Sheet Erratum Rev. 2.0, 2010-02-01 1 New package outlines TO-247 Assembly capacity extension for CoolMOSTM technology products assembled in lead-free package PG-TO247-3 at subcontractor ASE (Weihai) Inc., China (Changes are marked in blue.)

M3 TEK Preliminary Datasheet MT3125 5V 6A 1.25MHz 15µA Low Iq FAST-PWM Synchronous Step-Down Converter Rev. 0.2 M3tekic Confidential 1 www.m3tekic.com DESCRIPTION The MT3125 is a 6A high efficiency constant on-time controlled synchronous step-down converter. It operates with input voltage from 2.5V

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Giant Supplier offers VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Displays, Graphics / Characters Modules, formerly Samsung + Authorised Distributor Futaba. CY7C0851V/CY7C0851AV CY7C0852V/CY7C0852AV CY7C0853V/CY7C0853AV Document Number: 38-06070 Rev. *R Page 2 of 38 Logic Block Diagram The Logic Block Diagram is as follows.