Gang tool lathe setup sheets

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Tooling a CNC gang tool lathe differs greatly from turret type lathes. Most tool holders available for other types of lathes do not work well with the gang type. The tooling and holders have been selected after years of experience with tooling gang style lathes. They take best advantage of the lathes ability to be changed over and the ... Nov 11, 2010 · John, Just a suggestion....Maybe rename the thread title to: "X+ Setup Sheet and Tool List - 3rd party Add-on" This way users that are not familiar with it will have a better idea what it is. And, the tool is available for

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Gang tool machining advantages Gang tooled lathes provide a reliable, fast method of tooling setup, yet very few users extract the best from this style of machine and tooling. We hope these pages assists you in optimizing your next set-ups. More Tools on the table Oct 11, 2018 · DIY Metal Brake for Bending Sheet Metal - Duration: ... Cricket Safety Valve Body on gang tool lathe - Duration: 2:28. 455GTOGearhead 15,338 views. 2:28. Doosan lynx lathe setup - Duration: 11:43. As you are watching the tool cutting, you should be able to see if the nib is left because the tool is too low or too high. Stop lathe, Back off the carriage and repeate the above steps. Use small increments while adjusting the Knurled wheel on the tool holder. The perfect setup will create a facing cut smooth and without any imperfections. PRODIGY Manuals Instruction Manual and User Guide for PRODIGY. ... PRODIGY GT-27 Single Spindle Gang Tool Lathe. ... PRODIGY Top Plate Setup Sheets. PRODIGY CNC Lathe ... CNC Manual / PRODIGY / PRODIGY GT-27 Preliminary Operators Manual. ... PRODIGY GT-27 Single Spindle Gang Tool Lathe. 14 pages. PRODIGY Top Plate Setup Sheets. Gang lathes with larger spindle center heights - Hardinge GT27SP, Kia KIT-30, Hyundai HIT-400, or Daewoo/Puma 160, can add an appropriate riser blocks to incorporate ECI tool holders. Each tool has been selected to provide the best use of space without compromising the rigidity or functionality of the machine tool.

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There are some gang lathes that have retractable tailstocks, but retracting a tailstock each time a tool change is needed defeats the main advantage of a gang lathe–super fast tool changes. The gang tool change is super fast because it uses slide motion to do toolchanges and requires no turret indexing. I am using this Excel data template for gathering info on contract programming jobs. Let me know and I will email it to you . When you plan on creating Setup Sheets for a company with lathes and mills, consider standardizing the sheets to accommodate both types of cnc machines. Add all the obvious info such as Customer Name, Part Number, Revision Number, Program numbers, Tooling, Gage Lengths ... Richlin is your Omni-Turn CNC lathe resource for the eastern half of the United States. We sell new and used machines, provide replacement and custom parts, automate, and provide ongoing training and service. Richlin Gangtools brings our extensive CNC lathe experience to gang tooling installations. We design, install and test highly efficient ... Dynamic specializes in Precision Gang Tool CNC Lathes. (Optional turrets are available on some models). Our focus is to offer space efficiency without compromising rigidity and output. Quality construction using world class manufacturers provides Superb Reliability & Unsurpassed Perfor- mance. By commanding an M130, you can display setup sheets, tool lists, work instructions, and even videos – all from within your program. Troubleshoot G71 and G72 cycles Mark demonstrates how to quickly troubleshoot your lathe roughing cycles, and avoid those mysterious “Non-Monotonic” alarms.

So far, I've created a simple web page with a list of machines. The operator simply needs to provide the Job and Step/Operation numbers and the site redirects to the setup sheet page. Each setup sheet is comprised of part/job information, a tool list, and operations. The setup sheet can have virtually an infinite number of tools and operations.

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Nov 11, 2010 · John, Just a suggestion....Maybe rename the thread title to: "X+ Setup Sheet and Tool List - 3rd party Add-on" This way users that are not familiar with it will have a better idea what it is. And, the tool is available for Jun 26, 2007 · Trial version download, works for Lathe, Mill/Turn. I would like more info if you could assist, I've tried to find what you mentioned but couldn't find it? I want to try a setup sheet for Lathe tools that run in an operation and I do not need the tool describe every time it is used.