Harditex base sheet fastening

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The extra strength #75 Base Sheets offer excellent nail-holding ability, as well as superb tensile strength and resilience with no bleed through, reducing risks of splitting and cracking of the membrane. They will not rot, curl, or shrink and are dimensionally stable for improved membrane performance. Drill-Tec™ Base Sheet Fasteners are precision-formed from coated steel and assembled to a 2.7" (69 mm) Galvalume ® plate. Rigid Insulation and Base Sheet Usage Guide . Click on the icon to open or the checkbox to download the attachments below.

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LWC Pre-Assembled Base Sheet Fasteners are twin-legged, expanding base sheet fasteners with 2.7" (6.9 cm) Galvalume®*- coated steel plates. Use: Base Sheets. FM-290V Fasteners and Twin-Loc Base ply fastening systems for lightweight concrete decks. ES Products, Inc. 2. OMG CR Assembled Base Sheet Fastener Base sheet fastening assembly. OMG, Inc. 3. OMG CR Base Sheet Fastener Base sheet fastener. OMG, Inc. 4. 1.7 in. Assembeled LWC Base Ply Fastener Base ply fastening systems for lightweight concrete ... TWIN LOC-NAIL bAse sheeT fAsTeNers. LOC-NAIL SPECIFICATIONS COMPOSITION Factory consisting from steel to to Disk steel to 2 7" clamped to tube rib resist high to TWIN LOC-NAIL bAse sheeT fAsTeNers. LOC-NAIL SPECIFICATIONS COMPOSITION Factory consisting from steel to to Disk steel to 2 7" clamped to tube rib resist high to nailable decks. General fastening frequency and spacing for steel, wood, cast-in-place structural concrete and poured gypsum decks is covered in the ACFoam® & Nailable Roof Insulation Fastening Pattern Guide. Refer to the current FM Loss Prevention Data Sheet 1-29 for special considerations regarding perimeter and corners of the roof. Specialty Fastening ... Product data sheet - PDF, 0.17 MB #14 Insulation Panel Fastener, #3 Square Drive For use in vented and/or composite nailboard applications.

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In general, the weak link in the attachment of a fastener is the internal threads that the fastener's external threads engage. Threads cut by wood screws into wood, or by sheet-metal screws into fiberglass, lack the strength, consistency, and durability that machined threads inside a metal nut or other thick metal component can provide.

noted in Table 1 of this report. Fasteners are installed with a minimum . 3 / 8-inch (9.5 mm) edge distance and a minimum 2- inch (51 mm) clearance from corners. Joints are fastened at abutting sheet edges and optionally protected by polyvinyl chloride (PVC) joint treatment, lumber battens or sealant. Where a specified level of wind resistance ... The OlyLok locking impact nail is designed to attach base-ply, recovery board and insulation to wood fiber/poured gypsum decks. It is available in 2 sizes: 1.4-in. and 1.8-in., and is Factory Mutual and Dade County approved.

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COMPATIBLE FASTENER INFORMATION SHEET Please review manufacturer’s instructions before beginning your project. DECKORATORS.COM 10962_1/20 FastenMaster TrapEase® 3 CAMO® Composite Screws Simpson Strong-Tie® Color Screws SplitStop™ Titan Pro Plugs® Hidden Fastening System Epoxy-coated color-matched screws Top quality in production Because Engineering needs a strong base. Integrated processes such as toolmaking, heat treatments, and surface finishing, along with a sophisticated quality assurance system, all ensure reliability in all ARNOLD products and services.