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The AS3360 is a dual general purpose voltage controlled amplifier. The chip is Alfa’s modern pin-for-pin compatible clone of the CEM3360 dual voltage-controlled amplifier. It can also be used to build voltage-controlled filters and waveform generators. CEM3360 replacement for electronic music AS3360 *AS3360D РDIP-14 SOIC-14 General Description The AS3360 is a dual general purpose voltage controlled transconductor intended for such applications as voltage controlled amplifiers, filters, and waveform generators. Each transconductor independently provides both linear and cem3310 cem3320 cem3328 cem3330 cem3340 cem3350 cem3360 cem3365 cem3372 cem3374 cem3378 cem3379 cem3387 cem3389 cem3394 cem3396 cem5508h cem5510 cem5530 cempd508 ...

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Sep 22, 2019 · The CEM3360 is reading +1.9Vdc on its output pins with volume slider up so I think I’m ok there. I also rechecked pins 6 to ground and pin 9 to ground and both read zero like they should. The unfortunate part about the removal of the TL084 opamp U39 was a broken trace! The CEM3374 is a dual VCO chip, and it’s true it was used in the Xpander and Matrix-12. But both of those synths also used the CEM3372 VCF+VCA chip for the rest of the voice circuit. See also: cem 3360 data sheet pdf. Ships from the great state of oregon. This is an analogue integrated circuit chip, the Curtis cem3360, dual voltage controlled amplifier. It may also be utilized in synth diy projects, including the shruthi, midibox sid, or your own homebrew design. The AS 3330 is a dual, high performance, voltage controlled amplifier intended for electronic musical instrument and professional audio applications.

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Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator, CEM3310 datasheet, CEM3310 circuit, CEM3310 data sheet : ETC, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic ... THAT Alternatives to the Analog Devices SSM2164: Analog Devices has discontinued their SSM2164 quad VCA. Our THAT 2162 dual VCA is comparable in many respects. To replace a 2164 with (two) 2162 ICs, see below for some of the issues which you will need to consider. Brand new high-quality products CEM3360(),sold on Utsource. Utsource provides the most comprehensive products for the whole world IC Chips,low price,high quality, de

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Analog VCA chip, Curtis ElectroMusic CEM3360. This part is USED. This item is non-returnable. Nr. Nume: Descriere: Producator: 14601: CCR-33S3O-T: Miniature DC-18GHz SPDT Switch: etc: 14602: CD1031CS: CD1031CS: etc: 14603: CD1031CS: CD1031CS: etc: 14604 ...